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Kwangi was established in 1972 out of the need to promote and broadcast indigenous news, music, views and information and raise awareness of these amongst the broader community.

After over 10 years of radio broadcasting via the airwaves of Townsville and numerous remote Aboriginal communities in Queensland the Townsville Aboriginal & Island Media Association (TAIMA) who operates 4K1G FM Too Deadly! has now taken its broadcasting to the world via the internet 24 hours per day 7 days a week.

TAIMA 4K1G FM Manager said “4K1G is the first Indigenous radio station that we know of who has accomplished this”. “It was quite a simple process and did not cost a lot of money to establish”.

Long serving 4K1G broadcaster Velma Gara said “It was a big step for this organisation when we started to broadcast to remote Aboriginal communities in Queensland via satellite, but broadcasting to the World on the internet, that’s awesome”.

In a matter of weeks 4K1G has received emails from all over Australia, New York, New Zealand, Vancouver British Columbia, Fiji, Canada, Jamaica and Africa.


This includes the RIBS (Remote Indigenous Broadcasting Services) communities in the Gulf & Cape York regions, the Northern Peninsula Area and the outer islands in the Torres Strait.